Technology is the means to enhance the physical and mental capabilities of human beings. It is also an instrument to turn resources into useful products and services. Human resource and technology are the two most important assets for any organization. Technology lifts up levels of productivity. Technical innovations and managerial innovations are both required for surviving in globally competitive business environment. Technology management involves managing both the human resources and technology resources to the best of the organization. To complete in any market, local or national or global, an organization has to learn to use technology properly to achieve lover cost and superior quality.

About Calicut Management Association

Calicut Management Association (CMA) is one of the most vibrant local management associations (LMAs) affiliated to the All India Management Association (AIMA), New Delhi. Based in Calicut, CMA is a body of management experts, executives, entrepreneurs, businessmen and academics in interested in promoting the course of professional management. CMA has been very active ever since its information in 1996. It bagged the best LMA of the Year Award during 1997 & 1998 among the category VLMAs